I woke up, looked in the mirror
and said to myself, ‘self, you are strong!’
When the lizard falls from a tree
it doesn’t feel sorry for itself,
it has evolved a thick skin;
And when you cut its tail
it grows backs.

I applied my make-up, hiding the dark circles
and smiled to myself, ‘hmn! that’s better!’
I decided to climb a mountain.

No mountain is high enough, to sever my joy.
the joy of the Lord is my strength!
I’ve decided to evolve.
And when my tail is cut
I’ll grow it back.

©2013 Kemka Ezinwo

When innocence is gone…

That’s innocence going,
Chaperoned by arm-twisting fear;
as once, trust was her chaperone
her confidence, entombed in love.
Her cries muffled, her radiance shadowed,
Her body conquered by a puppet.

Who can be held responsible?

Her honour, rip-wrenched from her,
her skin vandalised with soap and sponge;
her sleep invaded,
aspirations lost in life’s gridlock.
Leaving her guilty, defeated and unloved,

egg-shelled sturdiness!
dying backbone of ardour,
hard-bitten ozone of ultra-violence,
misery and despair,
now her forte.

Wearing lustful shackles,
cold but familiar.

Who indeed can be held responsible?
©2013 Kemka Ezinwo

Back in the Game

Groove on!
hinge a psych of perfect ace,
dive swiftly from the cliff of contempt,
ditch your last Romeo’s golden embers;
euphony bids

Groove on!
aye, bury not those smiling eyes!
Remain livid, a luminous star;
nudge cognition, swat the vagabond;
time awaits you.

Groove on!
Dump the mud-clogged annex of pain,
Ashen, the disfigured face of grief!
How could you forget you have strong wings?
Fly, to new heights!

©2013 Kemka Ezinwo

Fear not!

Although the Lord may not always spare us from troubles, he will certainly lead us through so we’re not overwhelmed by it just as He promised in Isaiah 43:2.

When YOU go through deep waters, I will be with YOU.

When YOU go through rivers of difficulty, YOU will not drown.

When YOU walk through the fire of oppression, YOU will not be burned up; the flames will not consume YOU. (NLT)

You just have to keep trusting in him WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Have you ever wondered why there’s 365 ‘fear not’s in the Bible? It’s because it’s your words of encouragement for every single day of the year. This has been prepared before you were born to carry you through every situation you’ve found yourself in, may have find yourself, or will find yourself in. He has promised and His WORD is true.

Take this to heart and have a lovely week!

Letting go

Why did it hurt so much?
I think I have let you go;
The bruises have healed.
But, they still itch.

I’ve pawned your smile
And lost the slip.

You’ve pawned my pain
And I redeemed it.

‘Listen my child,’
my mum once told me,
‘you’re not alone in this world!
Don’t hold not onto the pain.’

by Kemka Ezinwo 2014

Making it count

You can’t be of service without a CAUSE. Your cause will give rise to DESIRE which will birth the DETERMINATION to achieve your PURPOSE.

We are called to serve and service is continuous. Just like a business needs upgrades, so do you, as long as you live or exist on this earth.

Remember, you’re required to:

  1. Speak God’s word.
  2. Serve Him with all your have and are.
  3. Praise Him with your whole heart.
  4. Ask God today, to point you in the right direction.

May God give you strength as he promised in 1 Peter 4: 11.

I, Sparrow

‘Eye on the sparrow’, those words has always fascinated me. Tiny birds practically insignificant, yes? Like a wasp, fly, or a mosquito?

I was heading home from church one night. As we drove through the quiet road I tilted my head for no reason in particular and saw that one of the street light was out. The light is set apart by a couple of yards. This position is to enable them illume that given space. They have the capacity to brighten that entire space. Continue reading I, Sparrow

Master or Servant

We all love to be in control, of our circumstances, etc. When we fall deficient in our lives some of us retaliate my trying to control or be in control of other people’s lives. We are an embodiment of authority that’s why we hate being subjected to serve. We were given dominion but the devil’s deceit has made us misconstrue the real meaning of dominance which is sacrificial, generous and boundless to self, self and more self. Continue reading Master or Servant