Stop, look, leap

Few weeks ago, I and an acquaintance were making idle talks and somewhere along the line our discussed shifted to money. She said “…so long as he doesn’t kill anybody then I don’t mind where the money comes from.” My reply was: “it’s not only when someone stabs the person standing in front of him that he or she has killed another.”

So I permit myself to ask: are your good works like water being poured through a sieve to the ground? Are you in a frantic effort to please everyone or someone so much so that you care less of what you do to get the person’s attention?

As the year begins, let’s yearn to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper but above all let’s love ourselves a bit more.

STOP: slow down and feel the wind course through your hair so that you can pause to remember to live and not just survive.

LOOK around and you’ll notice the different shades of greenery. There is so much to see.

LEAP over countenances of distress and stagnancy: making changes for yourself no one can do it better than you!


  1. Take five minutes to take stock of events and circumstance you’ve gone through from January to date. Store it for reference.
  2. Make two lists: the good and the bad.
  3. Now set your goals, goals so high that you’ll be in awe of your achievements when the year ends.

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