Monthly Archives: March 2014

A fresh start

Down the spiral steps!
It’s hard to find the light!
But I’m not an insolvent.
Maybe, for now, at least, for now.
Need to look up, need to de-clog the ghostly invaders of my dreams.

That’s me!
Never giving up!
Never backing down!
Not shut out!
No! Not locked out!
I’m here to thrive.
The sky is not a limitation, but the winning serve of my beginning.
Yes, that’s me!

Up the spiral steps!
That is all I can see,
But I want to see the light.
Because, I’m made of the best man.
Now! Time to feel, perceive, the ever flourishing sapient born within.

©Kemka Ezinwo 2014


What would you be remembered for?

What’s the legacy you will be leaving behind when you leave this earth? Have you secured your children’s future? I don’t mean in terms of saving funds for school fees or setting up trust funds. I’m talking about imparting, teaching and modelling them; so that they can pass on your ingenuity and theirs too, and the promises of God will extend to other generations after you. Continue reading What would you be remembered for?