What would you be remembered for?

What’s the legacy you will be leaving behind when you leave this earth? Have you secured your children’s future? I don’t mean in terms of saving funds for school fees or setting up trust funds. I’m talking about imparting, teaching and modelling them; so that they can pass on your ingenuity and theirs too, and the promises of God will extend to other generations after you.

Sometimes we look for the things we can get in the here and now thereby losing sight of the tangible things. Years ago, my granddad passed away. At his wake; there were so many people, the calibre of the people that attended was astounding, so much so that it was a celebration of life rather than of death.

I learn a few things that day:

  • Never to underestimate or despise small beginnings.
  • Your background and/or your environment does not become you (unless you let it).
  • Never to look down on another person.
  • Never waste an opportunity: no matter how mundane.
  • Though no one is indispensable; every human being has something to offer. The discovery of what you can offer is your responsibility.

When your children remember you, who will they compare you with :  Idi Amin Dada, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, Ken Saro Wiwa, Mother Theresa? When you look at  your children, who will you find: Bonnie & Clyde, Anenih, Jack the Ripper?

Let us borrow a leaf from Abraham, his loyalty like that of a soldier, never wavering. He believed God wholeheartedly. Remember he was old;  his wife Sarah was old too. She was probably trying to reconcile her differences with menopause.

Today his descendants are uncountable. Now, we are partakers of those blessings through faith. Imagine what would have happened if he didn’t obey or wavered in his focus. He stayed focused on the promises and the fulfilment of those blessings in your life and your children’s… well that much, is up to YOU!


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