Monthly Archives: January 2015

When innocence is gone

That’s innocence going,
Chaperoned by arm-twisting fear;broken heart
as once, trust was her chaperone
her confidence, entombed in love.
Her cries muffled, her radiance shadowed,
Her body conquered by a puppet.

Who can be held responsible?

Her honour, rip-wrenched from her,
her skin vandalised with soap and sponge;
her sleep invaded,
aspirations lost in life’s gridlock.
Leaving her guilty, defeated and unloved,

egg-shelled sturdiness!
dying backbone of ardour,
hard-bitten ozone of ultra-violence,
misery and despair,
now her forte.

Wearing lustful shackles,
cold but familiar.

©Kemka Ezinwo 2013


Stand firm

In life, there are battles you have to fight, but you can’t win them all. Sometimes the night is so bleak that you fear morning will never come, even though you know for a fact, that it will surely come.

This is the time to cast out all doubts – self-imposed or not. Hold onto your past victories and remember no one won a battle without making an effort. Hope like faith is based on things yet unseen that’s why HOPE is futuristic.

Don’t be discouraged by what you see or hear. Speak life into your heart, mind and soul so that that lion or lioness in you will roar and the eagle in you will soar.

Stand firm! For as long as you live, there is hope! Let nobody tell you different.

Your Agenda today

I had an unusual dream this morning. In it, blacks where surrounded by whites. The blacks were living in an old ramshackle building. Flanking it were four buildings; to the north was a four-storey building in which I lived in with my aunt on the top floor; to the east was a grey bungalow that was the only building fenced in. to the west was a semi-derelict three-storey building in which children stayed to keep an eye on the people in the dingy place for a reward. To the south was a large expanse of unused property. Continue reading Your Agenda today