Geared up for victory

Proverbs 21: 31 – The horse is made ready for the day of the battle, but the victory rests with the Lord.

A Lady told me a story of man who was always talking about going abroad. He desired it, dreamed of it, even started trying out food that was being eaten over there.

One day, the head of his church mentioned that he and a few church members were going to attend a conference abroad and they still had one space vacant. Since it was the man’s lifetime dream, the head of the church felt it was only fair that he invited the man before going to announce it to the congregation.

He asked the man and the man was willing but the man didn’t have a passport and the journey was three days before his passport would arrive.

I hope this man’s trouble leaves a lesson to learn; let’s be prepared in anything we want to do or achieve, by sacrifice, discipline and self-efficacy and by God’s good grace we’ll get there.


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