Your Agenda today

I had an unusual dream this morning. In it, blacks where surrounded by whites. The blacks were living in an old ramshackle building. Flanking it were four buildings; to the north was a four-storey building in which I lived in with my aunt on the top floor; to the east was a grey bungalow that was the only building fenced in. to the west was a semi-derelict three-storey building in which children stayed to keep an eye on the people in the dingy place for a reward. To the south was a large expanse of unused property.

I decided to check the place out; it was tiny, old and looked like it would crumble at any moment but it was on sturdy beams. While I was there, a young woman came with her child – her baby was very ill. It was obvious that the baby had severe cold and the easier remedy was the application of Rubb or Vicks, but the women turned up their noses. I told her to put rubb in warm water and used it massage her baby especially concentrating on her chest area and make the baby inhale the fumes.

A few minutes later, the sound a helicopter grew louder. Some tried to escape, not noticing the ‘watchdogs’ at the west building. The women rushed out in their troves to the north building and an old man started cursing and waving his walking stick. I couldn’t dump the baby I was holding, there was nothing for me to use to string the baby across my back and climb up to my house.

I woke still feeling stranded and shaken. I asked God what it was all about and He gave me this:

We’ve been hiding behind religion to perpetuate our sycophant decrees. When people need our help, we either rubbish them, shrivel her nose or paint a bad picture just because they are not like us ‘Christians’ forgetting that we’re in no position to judge. We’ve turned Christianity to domicile of loquacity – all pumps and no action – and everyone wonders; ‘where is the love?’. It’s this situation that’s made us intimidated and courageous but to what gain? I’m not in support of the Islamic extremist but at the very least they have an agenda: to dominate with fear and trembling. What’s our agenda as Christian? Watching and whining at what the world has become? Murmuring ‘God have mercy on us all’?


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