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I’ve evolved

I woke up, looked in the mirror
and said to myself, ‘self, you are strong!’
When the lizard falls from a tree
it doesn’t feel sorry for itself,
it has evolved a thick skin;
And when you cut its tail
it grows backs.

I applied my make-up, hiding the dark circles
and smiled to myself, ‘hmn! that’s better!’
I decided to climb a mountain.

No mountain is high enough, to sever my joy.
the joy of the Lord is my strength!
I’ve decided to evolve.
And when my tail is cut
I’ll grow it back.

© Kemka Ezinwo 2014


The bridge

We’re all equipped to do the impossible but we need help in discovering or tapping into that essential knowledge that will bridge the gap between our conscious and our supernatural. That bridge is Jesus Christ. Embrace his sovereignty

Your heart condition

A single person’s life is like a roller-coaster ride which is why a good mental disposition is paramount. Don’t place your life on hold because you don’t have a man by your side – if you’re not happy without one, you won’t be happy even if you had one.

Appreciate your current position! It’s time to give yourself some unconditional love: take yourself out or chill out but have fun.

Happy Valentine’s day!

The Elephant in the Room

To Write With a Broken Pencil is Pointless

I read this article yesterday: “Sponsored” by my husband when it came across my Facebook feed. It took me a while to formulate my response…but I make no promises that it’s clear or even remotely concise. It’s my usual rambling thoughts on a subject that hits close to home.

The article shows two examples of writers who had certain monetary advantages and/or connections from birth within the literary scene. She highlights how when asked both of these authors state other reasons behind their success, ones that while they may contribute to their own personal success are not necessarily what hinders the majority of those who are writing today. She even uses her own life as a personal example of what can seriously help a writer get published and have the ability to continue writing and publishing, even if the books never gain high sales or advances.

At this point in my…

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