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Building a fiction writing practice

So much I want to do, so little time.

Live to Write - Write to Live

camera typewriterOnce again, I used Susannah Conway’s “Unraveling the Year Ahead” to set goals for the upcoming year. Of note, I really like Susannah’s in depth analysis of the year gone by and the high level goal setting for the coming year, but this year, I’ve also incorporated Ally Piper’s workbook Big Vision 2015 – Set Your Direction to manage my goals month to month.

My focus word of 2015 is


I want to practice many things. I want to build a running practice and a yoga practice. I want to practice making healthy food choices. I also want to formalize my fiction writing practice.

I tend to focus on efficiency and that does not necessarily lead to the best fiction writing. It’s a rare few writers who can bang out a best seller on the first draft.  Good fiction writing takes construction and destruction, writing…

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We live in a society that will kick you when you’re down.
At one time or another someone is in a dark place trying desperately to find their way out. The least you can do is lend a helping hand or just let them be. Know that no one is above mistakes hence the saying “to err is human…”. So, do what you can to cover their faults that’s how to be a friend.