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What’s your gain?

Destiny called you.

Judgment awaits you though!

Have you fulfilled your purpose?

I’m yet to fulfil mine I guess,

Maybe I already have!

Yet I know not what it’s supposed to be.

Maybe you could slip through the veil and tell me?


All I see is innocence tainted by the world beyond.

A world damaged and intrigued by decay.

Reposing youth to imposing ruin.

What was your gain?

© Agnes Kay-E


Born Again

Like a renegade Sent from hades He came to bargain Words like sugarcane Painted and laced He Campaigned Offerings of praise, To share his surname I was blinded by fame He was champagne Spiked with …

Source: Born Again

Jane’s Vibe

Jane saw her husband Tobias step out of a taxi and frowned. The taxi should have parked on their cobbled driveway. It was a busy road, and he wasn’t a very careful person.
Tobias jumped when a red Audi swerved past him and lost his footing. Fortunately, he landed on the grass on their side of the road. There was a screech of tyres as the car came to a halt. A woman with long red hair ran towards her husband. Jane leaned on the railing of the balcony to observe but couldn’t see anything because of the woman bent over him. The red-haired woman stood up with a hand on her hip and the other making circles in the air. Continue reading Jane’s Vibe

Waterloo’s Beast Contd.

A few weeks later, he was on holiday. While he was listening to the news that morning, he heard a knock. Baffled he went to answer the door to find Bartholomew there, grinning, and frowned.
Bartholomew cleared his throat and craned his neck to look behind Rotimi.
Rotimi snickered and smirked.
“Mr Adelaja, I have these bags for your wife.”
Rotimi grimaced, crossed his arms and leaned on the door. “From you, I presume.” Continue reading Waterloo’s Beast Contd.