Em… Love?

It is easy to love someone you’ve never met and have just met. It’s easy to profess the love of God to these people. How well have you fared loving those who cause you to gnash your teeth at work? You’re most likely to fare better with them than the person who steals your blanket in a cold winter night, wouldn’t you? How well do you love your backstabbing friends?A cheating husband? A friend who slept with your husband or perhaps stole your fiancé? Can you forgive a parent who appears on your doorstep after forty years of your life has gone by?

A man came into this world. Why? To die for everybody’s sin – that is every living soul; every man, woman and child. Why? To repair the broken link of our relationship to God. He was slandered about, spat on, accused, scorched, his skin was torn not in the prick-of-the-needle or cut-of-a-kitchen-knife kind of way. His blows were both physical and psychological and he didn’t give up rather he turned the other cheek.

It’s not in our nature to love those who’ve wronged us.  When I was a teenager I was told that if I was to love someone, that person must be worth all the risk. Are our friends or fiend worth the risk? I can’t say ‘love others the way you love yourself’ because you may love receiving punishment and LOVE, though an abstract concept (which has various meanings to various people) is an actionable word…

What am I saying? It’s simple, no one has seen God (Maybe you will when He calls you to glory). The people we meet everyday were made in the image of GOD. So… in order to know what love truly is ask yourself; what will Jesus do? That way, you’ll be well on your way to loving one another as He had commanded in John 13: 34.


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