Master or Servant

We all love to be in control, of our circumstances, etc. When we fall deficient in our lives some of us retaliate my trying to control or be in control of other people’s lives. We are an embodiment of authority that’s why we hate being subjected to serve. We were given dominion but the devil’s deceit has made us misconstrue the real meaning of dominance which is sacrificial, generous and boundless to self, self and more self.
When you look at a vehicle you see just the painted cover (metal frame), but it requires the engine to work and the engine requires the help of ignition, etc. Service is easy but the groove of inadequacy has daunted us so much so that we’ve furrowed our minds to a tunnel vision. We don’t see that the problem has been orbiting around us over and over again, each time with a more elaborate scenarios. There is a reason for the saying; ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ or vice versa. We’ve been made equal. Since two captains cannot steer one ship God said the woman should be submissive and the man should love her like the body of Christ, is it not predominantly the same thing?
Can you really pay your debt to God? You’re supposed to love Him and serve Him as long as you live. What I’m talking about goes beyond duty. Duty is what makes us do things with a subconscious demand for reward. It’s about being connected in a way that goes beyond emotions, like an addiction, the desire to breath, or like the relationship between DNA and RNA – different and the same all at the same time and existing in one membrane i.e. the cell. Although the DNA is the center of our genetic information and is self-replicating it still requires RNA’s help even to protect against the damage from ultraviolet rays.

What is service really?


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