I, Sparrow

‘Eye on the sparrow’, those words has always fascinated me. Tiny birds practically insignificant, yes? Like a wasp, fly, or a mosquito?

I was heading home from church one night. As we drove through the quiet road I tilted my head for no reason in particular and saw that one of the street light was out. The light is set apart by a couple of yards. This position is to enable them illume that given space. They have the capacity to brighten that entire space.

We are no different. We look at the world around us and assume we are insignificant even when we are able to cross certain life-hurdles and come out unscathed yet better experienced. I looked back at that street light. It’s spot was dark,casting gloom within its vicinity. It was bland. The pole was there, so was the needed current but there bulb was dead.
Have you ever had mosquito visit you? That little hungry bugger, that has a lifespan of 10 to 56 days? It takes ‘the bull by the horn’ and gives its best short. It’s best short will either cause us restlessness or keep us up all night fighting i. And that is if it doesn’t leave you with malaria or something else. As tiny as it is when it stings… well, experience is the best teacher. Funny how insecticides seem to lose its effectiveness in those moments eh?

But you are a full package. With talents, skills, dominion, what else can one ask for? (Guidance, I guess). When you’re not using that thing that makes you unique you’re like that street light that is missing in action. No one came out of their mothers with two heads. Just like fingerprints, our gifts are fine-tuned to us. Stop chasing other people’s dreams and create yours, dream yours, dredge yours even if it requires some mining. Because God gave each and everyone of us His creative power. That is why we can say to the mountain move and it obeys.
Before a child starts walking, it toddles but before that the child fell a couple of times. But to get to the final stage i.e. walking they never got tired of getting up.

Next time, when you feel overwhelmed and decide that you’re insignificant, remember the mosquito, fire fly, sand flies, etc and the damage they can do as tiny as they are. Then remember the God who formed the world by His spoken word and the fact that He knows and sees those tiny birds, how much more you. When you can’t take it anymore, look up to Him. He is the only One who can turn ashes to beauty by a breath. The One and only Deity who knew you before you were conceived. He is your assurance, your certainty and most definitely your answer.

If His eyes are one the Sparrow then He’s definitely watching over you.


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