So what if Adam ate the apple?

I know everyone will be thinking it’s Eve’s fault, not so?

Let’s see…

Looking at Genesis 3: 6, you will realize that Adam was with her when this incident took place. Remember she was created out of man (Genesis 2: 21) who was given dominion i.e. the power to rule.

She was not speaking with authority because she was just his helpmate even though she was part of him. You could say because she was taken out of man she would have had an idea. She did but did not have the authority to command as this was Adam’s prerogative, if she did she’d be usurping his authority.

The devil knew of Adam’s authority that was why he went to the woman, who was beside Adam, who should have come to the rescue, putting his assured feet on the ground and remind the devil of his (man’s) dominance. She even gave him a cue ‘but God did say…’ that would have been the perfect time for man to say; ‘God said so and so’, ‘Flee’, ‘I subdue you’, etc.

Well that’s in the past now. All men and women alike have to do now is admit their faults and go to God in prayer, accepting that they’re fallible, and request for restoration i.e. to be put them back in the position they were before the apple was eaten (Genesis 1: 28).

  • Not by running away (Genesis 3: 8);
  • or apportioning blame (Genesis 3: 12);

To do this you must:

  • Confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour (Romans 10: 9)
  • Believe in Him (John 3: 16).

God bless Y’all


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