Out of context

For some reason I’ve been quite observant and critical lately. I have realised that most of us take the word of God out of context. For instance, two weeks ago, a guy tried to convince me to sleep with him.
So I asked him “How then would you be able to sing praises to God on the altar with a clear conscience?”
Guess what he said, “David did.” I was shocked.
People tend to say, “I can so all things though Christ…” forgetting that the key word there is can. Or why men are quick to say, “wives be submissive to your husband”, etc yet never read the chapter to get a full picture of the message therein.
If you read the first and second book of Samuel you’d realise that from the time David was anointed king he went through life’s troubles, of which most of us, if not all, will not go through and remain faithful. So let’s: He was anointed king: A celebrity by right, being the first giant slayer in Israel but he had lived the life of a hooligan, from cave to tent. He was so faithful that he had to ask God for permission each time he went to war. How many of us can be humble enough to be of service to our subordinates when we become supervisors, or president without lording it over them. He could conveniently slay the other giants but he knew that every one is a star, and that as many as the stars are in the sky none of them outshines the other. (His comrades were his mates and not his servants.)
Can you bear God’s chastisement? Will you remaining faithful when God takes your child because of your offence? Will you remain faithful when your son rapes his sister, tries to kill you and rebel against you?


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