Hello! Hi! My name is Kemka Agnes Ezinwo.

I joined the list of authors 11 days ago with my first book: Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage. Yeeey! My friends say I need to have a blog to promote my book but I thought it would be boring to only promote my book. After making a lot of excuses I realized something…

We always have an excuse for why we can’t do something at a particular time. To prevent being confounded (being in a fix) we withdraw ourselves from it (the situation) or if we’re already involved we procrastinate. So this is the discussion I had in my head:

What is procrastinating anyways? What if I just wanted to wait for a better time?

 There’s no better time than now!

Who says? Of course I’m free on Saturday!

Today is Saturday.

Is it? I’ll just take a power nap then I’ll be ready!

It’s 11a.m. and you just woke up after 10 hours sleep.

But I slept late.

Sleep is overrated.

(Scuff, scuff, scuff)…

Like it or not you are procrastinating; again.

No I’m not.

You are.

I’m not.

Yes. You are!



Alright already! I’ll get up and do it, satisfied?

No. Pleased.


So I’ll let you decide what my book is all about my giving you excerpts early next week

C ya


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