Tainted Hearts

They left the office and went to a restaurant. They talked until the restaurant closed, then his driver took them to her one-room apartment where they talked till morning. He insisted that they bring ‘life’ into the room so they went shopping that morning for the bare essentials; paint, carpet, etc. he hadn’t been paid his first salary yet so he had to pay from his stipend which was enough to feed a family of five for at least six months.
He dotted on her after she had promised him she wouldn’t go job hunting for a week; through the weekend he organised a 3-day spa treatment for her in Abuja, then a personal development workshop for three days and a complete change of wardrobe. She had never been on an aeroplane before. She felt a bit awkward asking the air hostess for help, it was only until she saw a little boy fasten his that she fastened hers. The cloud was so close it looked as smooth as pap and as fluffy as cotton wool.
She felt on top of the world, as the houses underneath looked like specks and giggled, wonder woman go para eh? This kin guy go get anything wen im want. Na wa oh! Enjoyment galore! See levels meeen, from here upwards oh! “See life, see wetin big man dey enjoy!” she smirked.
“What would you like to drink maam?” an air hostess cooed.
She looked at the tiny white teacups, “Nothing, thank you!”

………To be continued.